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Peek-A-Boo! Home Daycare in Southborough, MA
Peek-A-Boo! Home Daycare

A fully licensed facility for children from birth to 12 years old, this daycare is one of the best around. Their website reflects the fun and care they have for the children, and provides plenty of information for the parents: biographraphies of the care-takers, directions, links about keeping children safe on the world wide web, and even a few pictures to make us smile.

Shrine at Lourdes Lourdes Center

The Lourdes Center is the national distributor of Lourdes Water from France. This site allows people to order water and religious articles, as well as learn about the Bernadette in Lourdes and the Center in Boston, MA.

playing at Children's Horizons Children's Horizons

The proprietor wanted an informative site to show the preschool's locations and tell about the programs. This was built as she wanted it to look.

Ensemble la Felicite Felicite

This bilingual group from Montreal wanted to share it's passion for Ancient Music. This client was very particular about their site. They provided the text in both languages and worked with me when I designed their banner, even approving the font I used in their headmast. This was fine with me. My goal is always to make my clients comfortable and informed. I strive to provide my best so they can see their ideas come to life on the screen for the world.

End Stroke with American Stroke Association End Stroke

This site elaborates on my participation in American Stroke Association's Train To End Stroke program. In one site, viewers could read about information on heart health, triumphant stories of determination and good will, tributes to those we remember, and have an opportunity to donate to the program while I trained for their marathons.

Birthday Card in Flash e-Greeting Cards

This birthday card was created before e-cards were in, before they went out again. It is one sample of cards I did; those shown here were made for myself to send to friends. Click for other e-greeting cards.

The sites shown below are more complex and dynamic while being user-friendly. I am experiencing ColdFusion hosting/server issues at the moment. This will be updated as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.
Flash splash page Fictional Girls' High School & Class' 20th Reunion

A website for a class reunion maintains contact information and alumnae’s reflections and memories, uses dynamic forms for guests to post their reflections, and has a search feature to find their friends comments. Flash is used for an eye-catching intro.

The site has three levels of permissions, one for the general user/alumae, a level with moderate permissions, and one with complete access to correct any misinformation or delete inappropriate comments. To log in to the Reunion portion of the site, use "guest" as the Username and Password; higher access level can be obtained with "guest1" as the username/password.

sample of a form
Shopping Cart site with optional descriptions of items Moms Covers

I am building this site for an online store with a shopping cart. It will give the user information on products which are available at the time of viewing, and the items in the shoppinig cart, with optional views of descriptions of each item.

In a related, linked site the Administrator can manage inventory, keep track of their products and their costs.